March 2011

Exhibit AO – 3/22/11
I didn’t eat a whole lot of fish in the United States, but let me tell you what: they do fish right here. Here we have some mackerel. Baked up just right. Man, these are good. Even if you don’t like fish, give these mackerel a shot.

Exhibit AN – 3/17/11
Graffiti on the back of a bus seat. Wish this picture had turned out a little better.

Exhibit AM – 3/15/11
Do you have a fleet of delivery scooters at your McDonalds? Well, I do. I especially like the “McDelivery” on the side. A nice touch. Also, let me point out the hand warmers on the handles. Classy.

Exhibit AL – 3/10/11
I’ll tell you what we saw a lot of in Japan: these things. They were mostly located in or near shrines and temples. You’re supposed to use the cup with the long handle to retrieve water to wash your hands with. But get this: you’re also supposed to rinse out your mouth with it. I’ll pass on the public mouth wash, thank you.

Exhibit AK – 3/8/11
Changing gears from Japan back to Korea, here’s a car that was parked on the side of the road outside my apartment just the other day. This picture speaks for itself.

Exhibit AJ – 3/3/11
More Japan stuff – man, I could use these pictures as proof for quite a while. I didn’t mention that we went on the world’s largest ferris wheel (or at least what claimed to be). We did. It was right next to the aquarium in Osaka. One revolution of the wheel took 15 minutes – that’s how big it was.

Exhibit AI – 3/1/11
Did I mention the only souvenir I bought for myself in Japan was a pair of light saber chopsticks? I chose the Darth Vader ones, though they also sold Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, and Darth Maul pairs.

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