January 2011

Exhibit AB – 1/27/11
Of all the food I could be taking a picture of…Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Yes, they have it here. Uno’s has migrated overseas and has at least 2 stores (that I know of) in Seoul. It was really strange to eat here, with all the Chicago decorations on the walls juxtaposed with a Korean waitstaff. The pizza was actually fairly authentic. I was surprised. My favorite part was when the waitress warned my Korean friend that the sausage might taste strange to her. For once, I wasn’t the one being told I couldn’t handle the food.

Exhibit AA – 1/25/11
Korean…arcades…are…awesome. Sure, they have your standards and your classics. And then there is this game, where you try to kick a fake butt as hard as you can. This type of game seems to be popular – I have seen a soccer ball version and a punching version, but this was my first ass-kicker. It’s almost as fun watching Koreans slam into this thing as much as it is playing it.

Exhibit Z – 1/20/11
This past Sunday, I wrote about Korean shops with funny names. This one was somewhat of a false alarm. When I first saw it, I thought it said, “Speed Gonzales,” with no ‘y’ at the end of ‘speed.” Then I realized that bolt of lightning is probably a ‘y’, so it is sort of an outtake. This was a restaurant at Lotte World, and it still has some novelty to it.

Exhibit Y – 1/18/11
On Sunday, I woke up to find my hot water was not working. By Sunday night, the problem was still not fixed, and no one was working in the office (being Sunday). So anticipating a very cold shower on Monday morning, I took matters into my own hands. My solution? Fill up every bottle and pot with cold water and heat it on the ondol (the heated floor) over night, then use said water to wash hair in the morning. And……..genius.

Exhibit X – 1/13/11
I did a double take when I saw this sign at a cell phone booth. It looks like it might say, “We’ll shoot your hand with an arrow if you steal from us.” It actually is just asking customers not to touch the phones without asking because the phones get greasy if everyone handles them. Still, I like to think they have a crossbow behind the counter.

Exhibit W – 1/11/11
On Saturdays, I take Korean classes at Sookmyung Womens University. The university students are the teachers. There are 5 levels, and I am currently in the level 2 class. The building in the back right corner, the one you can only see the corner of, is where the class takes place.

Exhibit V – 1/6/11
Quick, guess what city I’m in. A blues brothers statue…a fake palm tree…oh, Seoul of course. They’re only part of the hilarious decorations outside of the kitschy American-themed bar called The Texas Palm, a few blocks from my apartment. Yes, The Texas Palm. Because when I think of Texas, I think of palm trees. And John Belushi. Oh, wait…

Exhibit U – 1/4/11
If you’ve ever wondered what the view is like from the top floor of my apartment building in winter, here you go. A complex maze of buildings and towers, and in the distance, mountains of some sort.


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