February 2011

Exhibit AH – 2/17/11
My first meal in Japan! A small Japanese noodle shop! You can’t see my food, but believe me, it was delicious. I’m already noticing a trend in restaurants here: eating at the counter. Almost every restaurant has a counter you can belly-up to and eat at, even if there are also tables for those who prefer them. At many of them, like this noodle shop, you stand up and eat.

Exhibit AG – 2/15/11
Exchanged my Korean Won for Japanese Yen yesterday. I’ll be spending the next week in Osaka, Japan. How about that mini-afro on the 1000 Yen bill? Anyway, Japan here I come. Hopefully, come next Wednesday when I return, I’ll be sick of sushi, ninjas, and Godzilla.

Exhibit AF – 2/10/11
I wasn’t sure what figures to expect in the wax museum at the 63 Building, but I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the last supper. I love the detail of the wax figures – the attention to facial expressions and pose – juxtaposed with the obviously fake oranges, bread, and plastic cups. Plastic cups – really? The only thing missing is Jesus’s “World’s Greatest Son” mug.

Exhibit AE – 2/8/11
On the way out of the KBL game last week, we happened to come across the players from the Sonicboom exiting the stadium and getting onto their bus. There was a large crowd gathered, and hey – they always have time to take a picture with even the littlest fan.

Exhibit AD – 2/3/11
It’s time to play “Guess Where Jeremy Is!” Here’s how you play: you look at the picture and guess where I am. The answer will be revealed this Sunday.

Exhibit AC – 2/1/11
When I went to the Korean War Memorial, our tour guide would not start the tour until she showed us this torpedo. It supposedly was recovered from the South Korean ship that was sunk by the North early last year. She went on and on about it, and soon another guy came over and explained all the reasons why this torpedo is proof the North attacked the ship. They were trying to convince me. I wanted to say, “Hey, I’m on your side. I believe you.” Well, they wanted to make sure.

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