December 2010

Exhibit T – 12/30/10
Yeah. Merry Christmas 2010. This is me in a coffee shop.

Exhibit S – 12/28/10
Mall Santa? Try Mall Japanese cartoon character. I ran across this guy near the Hyundai Department Store food court on Christmas. I had to push a few small children out of the way to get this picture. Necessary casualties.

Exhibit R – 12/23/10
Every game (see below) also had a prize if you won. Of course, there were also “prizes” for losers. Like this sad face egg. This isn’t my sad face egg, obviously, because that would mean I lost.

Exhibit Q – 12/21/10
This past Saturday at Korean class was the end of a cycle, which means cultural festivity! Last time we made boxes, this time we played Korean games and ate Korean food. In the game seen here, 4 people play: one in each corner with a stone. They take turns flicking their stone 3 times, and on the 3rd flick, the stone must go back to your corner. You connect the dots (where the stone landed each time) and try to take over as much territory as possible.

Exhibit P – 12/16/10
Don’t ask me what the purpose of this building is, but it looks like a set piece from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Found it during a trip to Ilsan, in northwestern Seoul.

Exhibit O – 12/14/10
Last Friday, all the Native Speaking English Middle school teachers in my district had to go to a training workshop. The workshop was at a museum, and at the end of the day, after the training, a Korean artist helped us make some traditional Korean art. We painted orchids and made a pressing of a painting. Here, the Korean artist helps one of my fellow NSETs with his pressing. We placed a sheet of drawing paper over a metal impression of a painting, then rubbed a stamp over it to make the pressing.

Exhibit N – 12/9/10
The first real snow of the year, and the doors are still propped open. My mission is to understand the cultural purpose of propping doors and windows up when clearly they shouldn’t be. You can also see the students wearing the insanely popular puffy North Face coats. You don’t have one? Back of the bus, kid.

Exhibit M – 12/7/10
Stop 2 on my 3 stop tour of the SKY Universities led me to Seoul National University. With the mountains in the background and the campus above Seoul on a hill, SNU has a more majestic setting than Korea University. Although, KU still has the edge in campus layout, with a nice looking quad-type area. This is the “Main Gate” to the campus of SNU. Looks more like a… well… I don’t know. Not a gate though.

Exhibit L – 12/2/10
If you come to Korea and go to Insadong, prepare to be stopped by at least one group of students wanting to interview you for a class project. I’ve been to Insadong twice and have been interviewed 3 times. You can see one of the groups of students here filming me playing a guessing game. The girl to my left was describing Korean words (like kimchi, bulgogi, ect…) that were written on cards held up by the girl who is, well, holding the cards. And the other girl was filming. Quite a team they were.


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  1. Dani says:

    What do the students want to interview you about?

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