April 2011

Exhibit AT – 4/21/11
Last shot of the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival. Since going there this past weekend, the pink flowers have already begun to turn white and fall from the trees.

Exhibit AS – 4/19/11
Here’s a nice shot of something other than cherry blossoms at the cherry blossom festival. The river in the background is the Han, which flows through the center of Seoul. Yeouido is in the western part of the city, south of the river. The river walk is behind me. Also, please note, the sun is winning.

Exhibit AR – 4/14/11
The first time I went to Lotte World, I got locked in the stocks (if you recall). This time, I was flat out jailed. Along with some sort of creature from Where the Wild Things Are.

Exhibit AQ – 4/12/11
My triumphant return to Lotte World happened last week! Last time, it was cold, so we couldn’t go to the outside section of the park, or at least ride the rides out there. This time – spring, baby! Here’s a ride that isn’t too common stateside. If it looks fun, it’s because it is.

Exhibit AP – 4/5/11
This past Sunday, I wrote about the Seoul Motor Show, and I posted a good many pictures of cars. However, there were other types of vehicles there, such as this creamsicle-colored semi. Yeah.


1 Response to April 2011

  1. Great posting, I really like about the i itrick museum, gonna be there when I visit Seoul again!

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