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What’s Better/What’s Worse

It’s time for another installment of “What’s Better/What’s Worse.” And by ‘another’ installment I mean the first installment. Listen, the facts are: some things are awesome here, some things are not. In almost any case, at least, things are different. … Continue reading

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Teacher Jeremy’s Neighborhood (plus Addendum)

I’ve been here several weeks now, and things are becoming easier everyday. When I first arrived at my apartment, everything was an adventure. Walking two blocks down the street to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water was intense. … Continue reading

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School Life

As the bus barreled down the increasingly populated city streets of Seoul, delivering us to our co-teachers, we anxiously engaged in hopeful conversations. This yet faceless person would affect our lives more than any other person in Korea, or so … Continue reading

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Orientation, SMOE-entation

SMOE = Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, FYI I’ve been in Korea for one week. Well, okay: I’ve been trapped in a semi-westernized bubble on the campus of a Korean University for one week. They don’t let us out much, … Continue reading

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Trampolines, Airports, and Sweat

Well, it’s about 9 a.m. Korean time on Wednesday, August 18th. I am sitting in a dorm room at Kyung Hee University in Seoul. I’ll be here for the next week for orientation. The journey here was, well, tiring… My … Continue reading

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