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Where is Mr. Toilet’s House?

Fittingly, I first heard about Mr. Toilet in the dingy, very crowded, bathroom adjacent to Hongdae’s famous Children’s Park—a name unsuited for a park notorious for public binge drinking and questionable street performances. It was a summer night in 2012, … Continue reading

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Halfway Home (maybe) – Some Sweeping Generalizations

It’s been a few days over 7 months since my plane touched the landing strip at Incheon International, and just as I expected, those 7 months have flown by. All of a sudden, I only have 5 months left on … Continue reading

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Winter Camp

The public school year schedule in Korea is the opposite of the United States. The school year begins in March. The first semester runs its course, and they take a short summer break at the end of July and into … Continue reading

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What’s Better/What’s Worse – The Ironic Edition!

Back in October, I presented the first edition of “What’s Better/What’s Worse.” Now, with 3 more months of experience, and a sardonic attitude, I present you with “What’s Better/What’s Worse – The Ironic Edition!” This is a list of things … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year from the East! The New Years holiday is apparently a pretty important event here. On New Years day, kids dress in hanbok and ask for their elders’ blessings. They eat a big meal. Korea’s version of Time … Continue reading

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Khristmas in Korea

Well, it’s been a remarkable Christmas season here at The Miracle on the Han. I’ve welcomed a nephew into the world (albeit from the other side of the globe) and experienced Christmastime in a foreign country. A Yuletide I won’t … Continue reading

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A Week At War: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love North Korea

The hallways in Kang Shin Middle School are colder than the outside. The doors to the school are left propped open, and without the aid of direct sunlight, you are expected to wear a coat to and from class while … Continue reading

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