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Where is Mr. Toilet’s House?

Fittingly, I first heard about Mr. Toilet in the dingy, very crowded, bathroom adjacent to Hongdae’s famous Children’s Park—a name unsuited for a park notorious for public binge drinking and questionable street performances. It was a summer night in 2012, … Continue reading

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Your Quinquennial K-Pop Update

Here’s how it was: I would wake up and get ready for work whilst watching Mythbusters on the Discovery channel. It was one of the few American, not to mention English-speaking, channels that I got. Then one day, out of … Continue reading

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Westerners in Korea

A while ago, I commented on a list of Korean behaviors (part 1 and part 2) that I found in my orientation book. Ha – orientation! That seems like an eternity ago. Well, what I didn’t tell you is that … Continue reading

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A Korean Cinema Primer

I know little about Korean cinema. Do not take this post seriously. In fact, I’ve only seen 1 of these movies. None the less, I know something. I know the Korean movies I have seen are stylistic with the right … Continue reading

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3 Museums – History, War, and Art

First of all, thanks to Mrs. B for the shout out in the alumni newsletter! I always enjoy reading that, and they – the Barnes – always find ways to support their very big family, including me. Thanks again! Now…this … Continue reading

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Khristmas in Korea

Well, it’s been a remarkable Christmas season here at The Miracle on the Han. I’ve welcomed a nephew into the world (albeit from the other side of the globe) and experienced Christmastime in a foreign country. A Yuletide I won’t … Continue reading

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The Top 6 Korean Foods

Seoul is a great place to live if you love food. I think it is sorely underrepresented as a global foodie destination. You could live here for, say, 4 months and eat only the tip of the food iceberg. But … Continue reading

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