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Where is Mr. Toilet’s House?

Fittingly, I first heard about Mr. Toilet in the dingy, very crowded, bathroom adjacent to Hongdae’s famous Children’s Park—a name unsuited for a park notorious for public binge drinking and questionable street performances. It was a summer night in 2012, … Continue reading

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The DMZ. Where to start? What to say…? The experience of visiting the most heavily guarded border in the world stirred up many different feelings. Wonder. Confusion. Anxiety. Sadness. How do I begin? First, I suppose, you are interested in … Continue reading

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The Trick Eye Museum

Well, today I WANTED to go to Olympic Park, but it seems every time I try to go there, something stops me. Today, it was the continuation of the torrential rains we’ve been having the past week. So instead, I … Continue reading

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A Korean Baseball Game

Ah, baseball – it’s as Korean as taekwondo or apple pie. It used to be the most popular sport, by all accounts – though that title now belongs to soccer – but baseball still enjoys an enthusiastic following here in … Continue reading

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A Bike Ride

Hey, you don’t have to tell me I’ve dropped the ball the past few weeks. I know I’ve been lazy with my postings, but look, I’ve been busy. I promise it might happen again. This past Monday was Korean Memorial … Continue reading

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Communication Breakdown

In my school, we use a messenger system to communicate with other teachers and staff. It’s basically like a Korean version of AIM. A lot of the time, the administration or other teachers will use the system to send out … Continue reading

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Well, I’m back. I guess I should take a moment to explain the hiatus. The first week and a half of this month, my mother and sister paid me a visit. That began on May 1st, the same date the … Continue reading

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