Communication Breakdown

In my school, we use a messenger system to communicate with other teachers and staff. It’s basically like a Korean version of AIM. A lot of the time, the administration or other teachers will use the system to send out mass messages. You know – memos, notes, announcements. Of course, all of these messages are in Korean. This isn’t that big of an issue, since my co-teachers generally let me know if one of the messages pertains to me, but all the same, sometimes I’m just flat out curious.

If I have a free moment, I’ll dial up Google Translate or Yahoo Babel Fish and throw the message in and see what pops out. Well, the output is always incomprehensible. Always. It’s like their using Navajo code talkers. Here are some messages I received just this week, as translated online. These just go to show you why human translators are superior, at least with the technology that exists now.

1. Informs from school lunch room. Is in the process of keeping the missing child. Today at lunch time in the teaching staff dining room entrance side table (the study microphone. As Deyo which does) running out and teacher trail to school lunch room (nutrition fact) the custody middle ear coming and to seek going, wishes. Will give to me strongly, does, in particular… Will be able to write and the place and will not be able to seek… Taking away certainly, fades.

2. Condition in the school between sports club tournament female dodge ball river prudent VS good books which participated yesterday and at the time in and the final game the new moon when wins a victory in interest of teachers interest entrusting which is many gives and encouragement entrusting where also the participation players are many ^^ where gives

3. About next generation age [su] user minute description education official document electrolysis. Wants a research study the minute when liaison lquor tax ^^ (me does not know to tell the truth well…. whereAlso the problematic now which is discovered from next generation age [su] becomes continuously the problem solving middle ear ^^ helps) good one day ^^

4. Evaluation method improvement excellent teacher recommendation ‘ Relation official document display managed. Until May 31st morning is an application.

5. The parents educational excellent lecturer recommendation request document displayed

6. *** today is educational society for the study activity work. ○ business trip and leaving early, remains in the school and controls teacher whom does to inform to the sanction of today and teacher log drawing up charge, does a business. Sanction and log drawing up charge teacher life physical education society for the study of ○ todayⅡ- Only market [ik] Social historical cultural society for the study – seaside [swuk] The cultural quest society for the study – the jade which will be Pak Natural search society for the study – craft child Performing art society for the studyⅠ- Weakness of mind [hwun] Performing art society for the studyⅡ- Really pure example Traditional cultural society for the study – beacon position Life physical education society for the studyⅠ- Emigration zero

7. Goodbye is! where The smallest which sends to say that yesterday the minute when does not receive a letter is, the place of service where the teacher maiden home father yesterday divides and 8 new village Severance underground 1st floor is room like being sad, staring route wishes.


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1 Response to Communication Breakdown

  1. Brian says:

    This one might be my favorite:

    “becomes continuously the problem solving middle ear.”

    Ancient Korean secrets are found within!

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