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A Korean Cinema Primer

I know little about Korean cinema. Do not take this post seriously. In fact, I’ve only seen 1 of these movies. None the less, I know something. I know the Korean movies I have seen are stylistic with the right … Continue reading

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Halfway Home (maybe) – Some Sweeping Generalizations

It’s been a few days over 7 months since my plane touched the landing strip at Incheon International, and just as I expected, those 7 months have flown by. All of a sudden, I only have 5 months left on … Continue reading

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A Few Random Lists

Who doesn’t like a good list? They’re so oversimplified and biased – what’s not to love? I thought I would share a few short lists about life in Korea that I’ve developed. A few of these probably could have been … Continue reading

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Japanese Signage and Products

Okay, the last post on Japan, I promise. I’ll give Koreans this: they speak better English than the Japanese. Maybe if I would have gone to Tokyo I would think differently, but as it is, Korea wins the English trophy. … Continue reading

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