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3 Museums – History, War, and Art

First of all, thanks to Mrs. B for the shout out in the alumni newsletter! I always enjoy reading that, and they – the Barnes – always find ways to support their very big family, including me. Thanks again! Now…this … Continue reading

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Winter Camp

The public school year schedule in Korea is the opposite of the United States. The school year begins in March. The first semester runs its course, and they take a short summer break at the end of July and into … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Korean Store Names

“Konglish” is a word used to describe any grammatically incorrect, culturally fused, or strange use of the English language in Korea. It can refer to many different things, and examples of it are everywhere. My favorite is when it appears … Continue reading

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What’s Better/What’s Worse – The Ironic Edition!

Back in October, I presented the first edition of “What’s Better/What’s Worse.” Now, with 3 more months of experience, and a sardonic attitude, I present you with “What’s Better/What’s Worse – The Ironic Edition!” This is a list of things … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year from the East! The New Years holiday is apparently a pretty important event here. On New Years day, kids dress in hanbok and ask for their elders’ blessings. They eat a big meal. Korea’s version of Time … Continue reading

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