I had a busy Sunday today and didn’t have a lot of time to work on an entry, so this week I’ll keep it short.

The Korean music scene is as lush as the Galapagos: bands playing in a park or near a subway, plenty of music shows, and of course K-pop. K-pop is exactly what you might guess it is. Korean pop music. And just like pop music in the United States, K-pop does not represent the best music, but rather the catchiest and most absurd. So catchy, I’ve been told, that Korea is seen as the musical (and entertainment) hub of Asia. Japanese tourists, for instance, are notorious for making trips to Seoul to see where their favorite Korean television dramas are filmed. But anyway, this is about K-pop. I use K-pop figures in the classroom to trick my students into paying attention/learning. I thought I would briefly introduce you to two popular K-pop groups because, hey, why not?


Like OMGWTFLOLLERSKATESBBQ!! Girl’s Generation is TOTALLY awesome. Korea’s version of the classic girl group has the notable difference of having 9 MEMBERS! Seriously? 9? I mean, the Spice Girls would have to add cinnamon, saffron, fennel, and turmeric just to keep up. The catchiest Girl’s Generation song is “Gee.” Have a look-see for yourself:

Girl’s Generation – Gee

Okay, if you can watch that and not walk around singing, “gee gee gee baby baby baby,” then you’re a better person than I am. And they’re so damn adorable! Want to know more about the members of Girl’s Generation? Go here:

The Members of Girl’s Generation

My favorite is Yuri because she understands me. And, of course, our blood types are compatible. Who’s yours?


And SHINee (pronounced like the word ‘shiny’) is the male version. SHINee is a boy band, although it sounds like the nickname you gave your bald neighbor who owns stock in turtle wax. The 5 members of SHINee are Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, and don’t you DARE try to argue that Onew isn’t the cutest. Fun trivia: Minho is the guy appearing in the beginning and end of the “Gee” music video (above). Here’s the music video of their song “Lucifer.”

SHINee – Lucifer

How about that? Did you enjoy the wind sound effects as they danced? My female students lose their minds at the mere mention of SHINee and start salivating at the mouth. They (society that is, not my students) even started a fashion trend creatively named “SHINee fashion.”

There are other K-pop artists. Rain (who is the only artist you may have heard of, I’m guessing). Super Junior. 2NE1. But I feel like Girl’s Generation and SHINee are the most popular right now. My Korean friends can feel free to add their opinion.

I should also quickly note that these artists are manufactured by companies, who contract singers and consequently own them, imposing intense schedules with little free time. It’s sort of like the old studio system in the golden age of Hollywood, in my opinion.

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5 Responses to K-Pop

  1. Kelly says:

    Justin Beiber watch out! This is so fun to see. I never expected the girls to speak english!

  2. Dani says:

    Ok, really weird that they give each member’s blood type. Have a feeling if I was a Korean teen I would def be drooling over SHINee as well-except the one with the mullet.

  3. mom says:

    Yeah these guys got moves but they ain’t got nuthin on uncle bob and vicky’s billy jean routine! I’ll tell ya all about it next Sunday

  4. Niki says:

    Ahh, it’s hard to beat a good boy band!

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